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Business congress

Our Motivation And Mission


Our educational institutes are filled with numerous bright students who miss out on a genuine representation of their views and ideas because for far too long the domain of ideas and advocacy has become restricted to student politicians and parties, this exclusivity has been secured with a great deal of political and even physical coercion. S.C.A.R was started because of this very profoundly systematic issue that affected students' ability to effectively exercise their right to freedom of expression.

We at S.C.A.R believe that all power and authority should be questioned and thus are great believers in the constructive powers of a robust opposition within a political structure, but in the current electoral system which is followed in a majority of colleges, there is no such provision for oppositional figures, rather its often seen that members running for office collude with each other to pre-decide alliances for almost every post available. Thus we seek to fill in the role of an opposition that is genuinely neutral and has no electoral motives.

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