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Democratization, Equity, Justice, Transparency, Fraternity

Our Values, Your Action

College Students

For Students;
By Students

Students are the most politically connected demographic in our youthful country. We aim to harness this to achieve common welfare objectives.

Our Approach

Student Political Culture is widely perceived as toxic and violent, we wish to change this perception by bringing high-quality qualitative and quantitative research to the mass of students so that they can make informed decisions

Discussion Between Students

Making sure the unheard get a say

Campus Issues aren't the monopoly of 'student leaders', we believe everyone should have the right not only to speak but be heard on issues affecting us all. SCAR is committed towards achieving this ideal.

Crowd Protesting

Think Tank Reimagined 

We are not merely a Think Tank, We are vigorous proponents of our own ideas. We work to incorporate strategies of advocacy and activism so as to bring our ideas and ideals into reality.

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