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The Beginning of something big?(Hopefully)

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting this website, This is Aryam. This project have been a longtime dream of mine which i have finally launched in some form.

This organization's work and aspirations are something which I have already elaborated upon in The Executive Document and also in brief all over the website, so I will rather take this opportunity to introduce what you are reading right now :- This is EDD- Executive Director's Desk. These will be a series of short blog style entries which will be added by me- The Executive Director of SCAR. The contents of these blogs will range from important policy contemplation to plain old random thoughts and observations I make. What it will not be however is the official views of SCAR on any matter. These are and will be personal quips that I just so happen to be sharing for everyone to read.

So That's it for now. I am working on updating the site with content as well as working on a article that will hopefully be published soon.

If you have anything to share regarding the organization/website or any quips of your own I can be reached at


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